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Victoria Unikel on the stage

Victoria Unikel

Victoria Unikel is an acclaimed and versatile international artist, performer, producer, writer, and media mogul. She has received top-notch education in music and acting and has played roles in film and TV in various countries including the US, France, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine. Victoria's music has been featured in several international films and she has authored and produced successful music projects like "Exorcist," "Unikel," and "Balance." Her music is published by The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, and has sold more than 200,000 albums worldwide.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Victoria is an active supporter of various social causes. She has worked with organizations like the non-profit AIDS Foundation in Berlin, Germany, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the United States. She is also a staunch advocate for the LGBT community. Victoria's contributions to society were recognized when she received an award from MOSAIC federation, a non-profit fighting against human slavery and trafficking, run by senior members of international intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Exorcist by Victoria Unikel


Victoria Unikel has authored numerous screenplays and has been in Entertainment for most of her life on two continents. Victoria is developing a thrilling series of graphic novels based on Exorcist Superhero.

Her life-long dream is to communicate her beliefs to a younger audience, and she is now making her full-length novel debut with the first in a series of books about the Sci-Fi adventures "Emma + Luke =".


Successful Entrepreneur

Victoria Unikel is an accomplished businesswoman who has founded and currently leads a diverse portfolio of companies in various industries. One of her notable ventures is Gossip Stone TV, an American celebrity reality TV channel that reaches over 1.4 billion households worldwide through Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and iOS app.

Another successful business under her belt is 24Fashion TV™, which broadcasts on Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV. This American fashion channel boasts an international database of fashion industry professionals and has been a media sponsor for major shows in the United States, Europe, and OAE.

Victoria Unikel pressVictoria Unikel press

In addition to these media companies, Victoria is also the head of VUGA Enterprises Media Group, a PR/marketing, entertainment, and technology conglomerate. With over 90 digital newspapers and magazines under its ownership, VUGA Enterprises sees a combined monthly unique visitor count of over 15 million.

Victoria's interests extend beyond media and entertainment. She is also the Co-founder and VP of Edison Aerospace, an innovative American company that is revolutionizing the agriculture industry by harnessing modern technology. Edison is a pioneer in designing replacement electric airplanes to be used by spray operators, making their work more efficient, cost-effective, and safer. Unlike traditional methods, Edison Aerospace offers a complete package that enables operators to work throughout the day by utilizing the Ground Control Station.

"We all have dreams and aspirations, but it's the belief in them that will make them come true. Don't be afraid to dream big, and don't let anyone tell you that your dreams are too lofty or unrealistic"