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Victoria Unikel is a multitalented and award-winning international artist, legendary and shocking performer, actress, creator, writer and producer. Victoria is CEO, producer and co-founder of Gossip Stone TV, featuring celebrity reality shows; 24Fashion TV and President and co-founder of VUGA Enterprises and Edison Aerospace.

Victoria has top music and acting education and has been featured in film and TV roles in the US, France, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine. Well-known throughout Europe, Victoria’s music has been featured in several international films. As a performing musician, cellist, and mezzo-soprano singer, Victoria Unikel authored and produced several successful music projects. This includes the rock gothic band “Exorcist”, the industrial project “Unikel”, and the darkwave project “Balance”. She is published by The Orchard label, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, and her total musical album sales have exceeded 200,000, not including individual song downloads.

One of Victoria’s biggest and longest-running projects is the superhero “Exorcist”. This character was initially created to head her scandalous political industrial rock group of the same name in 2007. This project became a symbol of freedom from oppression and evil that she saw around her in the communist USSR of her youth and her family’s past. Her comic book about the superhero “Exorcist” has been published by ComiXology. This unique limited edition gothic political NFT collection saga is being published on KnownOrigin.io as a long-running series.

As an artist, Victoria has taken part in international gallery shows since 2008, displaying her paintings, sculpture, and mixed media artworks. Her art has been a part of Celebrity charity auctions for several years. Some of the auctions include the 2019 Mosaic Federation Gala and the Make-a-Wish foundation ball in 2021, where her works sold for thousands of dollars each.

Victoria’s mixed-media NFT artwork “Blind” is the world’s first human-computer collaboration. Created by a psychology-based Artificial Intelligence algorithm from MusicalBlockchain, this work dropped on the Ethereum blockchain of KnownOrigin.io on November 6th, 2021. This release and what it symbolizes are a revolutionary step forward in tapping the limitless potential of other-than-human intelligence.

With her clothing brand and her own show “Reborn”, she was a repeat participant in the Berlin festivals “Aids Gala”, “Fashion Pop Up”, “Gay, Not Grey”, “Custom Bike”, and others.

Victoria is in the editing stages of writing several books in the “Emma + Luke” young adult sci-fi series and “Magic Cousins” romance mystery novel series.

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Victoria Unikel is the co-founder and head of these companies:

Gossip Stone TV  is an American celebrity reality TV channel, available on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV with over 150 million households worldwide.

24Fashion TV TM is an American fashion TV channel broadcasts on Amazon Fire TV and ROKU TV.​ The network includes an international database of fashion industry professionals. 24Fashion TV has been a media sponsor of major shows in the US, Europe, and OAE.

VUGA Enterprises Media Group is a PR/marketing, entertainment, and technology company. VUGA Enterprises owns a network of over 60 digital newspapers and magazines that see combined monthly visits from 6M+ unique visitors.  Headed by Victoria, it is also producing and screenwriting several film projects, including “Innocent Voice”, “Flower of Cambodia”, “Jimmy Sweet”, “Zoomba”, and others.

Edison Aerospace, where Victoria is President and co-founder, holds several provisional patents and is an electric aircraft designer and builder. The company fields patent-pending aircraft vortex generators and is now developing the world’s first full-scale autonomous electric agricultural fixed-wing spray aircraft for the agriculture industry. Edison focuses on innovative designs in aviation and the general electric mobility markets.

Awards & Activism

Victoria Unikel is an active supporter of the LGBT community, the non-profit “AIDS Foundation” in Berlin, Germany, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation America. She received an award from MOSAIC federation, a non-profit leading the fight against human slavery and trafficking and run by senior members of the CIA, FBI, and other intelligence and other international law enforcement agencies.

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NEW YORK NEW YORK 8211 SEPTEMBER 10 Tony Schiena Victoria Unikel Gene Avakyan and Dr Barfour Adjei Barwuah speak onstage during the Mosaic Federation Gala Against Human Slavery on September 10 2019 at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City Photo by Taylor HillGetty Images for Mosaic Federation