Victoria Unikel is a musician, a trained professional cellist and mezzo-soprano singer, who has made a name for herself in the music industry. Her unique sound and style have earned her success and recognition in several successful music projects.

One of her most notable music projects is the rock gothic band "Exorcist," which she created and produced. The band's music and lyrics, composed and written by Victoria, are known for their edgy and dark sound, which resonates with fans of the gothic and rock genres. She also produced and performed in the industrial project "Unikel" and the darkwave project "Balance," which further showcased her versatility as a musician.

Victoria's music is published by The Orchard label, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, which is a testament to her talent and the quality of her music. Her total album sales have exceeded 200,000, which is a significant achievement in the highly competitive music industry.

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