Victoria Unikel is President & co-founder of
VUGA Enterprises Media Group
CEO, producer, co-founder of Gossip Stone TV
CEO, producer, co-founder of 24Fashion TV™
VP, Co-founder of Edison Aerospace and Shoreline Protection Technology


VUGA Media Group

Victoria Unikel is the President and co-founder of VUGA Media Group.

Best at business branding and self promotion, we have over 800 top international publications available to serve our clients on five continents, including Forbes, GQ, Entrepreneur, Elle, Rolling Stone, L'Officiel, USA Today, The Sun, Mirror, The Independent, OK Magazine, and more. More than 70 television channels are available to us to promote your brand, including FOX, NBC, CBS, CW, Univision, and more.

VUGA Enterprises

Victoria Unikel is the President and co-founder of VUGA Enterprises.

VUGA Enterprises  operates a network of over 100 online newspapers and magazines with over 15M unique visitors/mo that publish syndicated news items and where articles, releases, and advertisements are published for our clients.

Our clients come from different industries and include companies, brands, and individuals who seek to establish brand-recognition and visibility and need press release distribution. We offer additional editorial services by our editors to improve readability and Google search rankings to maximize the visibility of their online presence.

VUGA enterprises

24Fashion TV

Victoria Unikel is the CEO and co-founder of 24Fashion TV channel.

24FASHION TV is an American TV channel dedicated to the world of fashion that can be seen on iOS, Amazon Fire TV and ROKU TV with a combined maximum platform reach of over 100M households worldwide. The network includes a Television channel, an online social media application, and an international registry of fashion industry professionals.

24Fashion TV has been a media sponsor of major fashion shows during New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Dubai Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and many more.

Gossip Stone TV

Victoria Unikel is the CEO and co-founder of Gossip Stone TV - American TV channel and streaming service on ROKU TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and iOS app with a combined potential maximum platform reach of over 200M households worldwide. Available in 100+ countries.

Gossip Stone TV features originally produced celebrity reality TV shows and A-list artist interviews with such stars as Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Eva Longoria, Gerard Butler, Samuel Jackson, Henry Cavill, Shaquille O'Neal, and others. Gossip Stone TV reality shows explore the world of ultra-luxury extravagance that is usually hidden behind tall fences and locked doors.


VUGA Publishing

Victoria Unikel is the President and co-founder of VUGA Publishing.

VUGA Publishing is a book publishing company, with distribution on Barnes &Noble, Apple, Amazon Kindle, and Good Reads. VUGA Publishing is part of VUGA Media Group - a PR and marketing company that owns 100+ digital newspapers and magazines and 2 TV channels.

The company publishes books written by the founders of VUGA Media Group and by other writers.

Edison Aerospace

Victoria Unikel is VP, CMO and Co-founder of Edison Aerospace.

Edison Aerospace is an American company applying modern technology to move Agriculture and US Defense industry into the 21st Century.

Edison Aerospace is the first company in the world that will upgrade the airplanes used by spray operators to let them do a better job at a lower cost, while keeping them safe from the dangers they face daily. Edison provides a complete package that lets the operator work all day long using the Ground Control Station.

Edison has also designed several unmanned military vehicles for the US and its allies. Models include an Unmanned Naval Combat Vessel (UNCV) which operates as a surface vessel and as a submersible, and aerial vehicles that deliver munitions on target, haul a ton of cargo to forward operating locations, and act as anti-aircraft battery radar decoys.


Shoreline Protection Technology

Victoria Unikel is VP, CMO and Co-founder of Shoreline Protection Technology that is dedicated to safeguarding the world's coastal ecosystems while enhancing the natural beauty and resilience of our shorelines.

Shoreline Protection Technology works with governments around the world to craft sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that not only protect their coastlines but also boost tourism, increase fish stocks, and improve water quality.

The Shoreline solution involves lightweight components made from bio-degradable plastics that replace older solutions that require the destruction of the beach in the process of saving it. The new way involves workers carrying each component and installing it in place by hand with nearly zero impact on the coastline.