BOOKS by Victoria Unikel


Emma + Luke =

Unikel's latest project is a full-length children's adventure sci-fi novel titled "Emma + Luke = Disappear to Nowhere," which is the first book in the Emma + Luke series. This exciting adventure follows the journey of two typical school kids, a girl and a boy aged 10 and 11, who find themselves transported through a portal to a far-off planet.

The adventure begins when Emma and Luke stumble upon a portal that takes them to a planet governed by a civilization that has been conducting social experiments on Earth. The kids find themselves in a world beyond their wildest dreams, full of adventure and danger. The planet is a refuge for civilizations that have escaped the ongoing galactic wars and is just one of the many populated galaxies in the Multiverse.

Exorcist by Victoria Unikel


Victoria Unikel's vision for Exorcista is constantly evolving, and she is currently developing a thrilling series of graphic novels that delve deeper into the character's story. Through these graphic novels, Victoria hopes to explore the superhero's origins and her journey to becoming the powerful force for good that she has become today.

Victoria's Exorcista is a true masterpiece of the entertainment industry. It is a story that inspires and empowers, a symbol of hope for a world in which oppression and evil still exist and sometimes triumph. With her unwavering commitment to creativity and innovation, Victoria has created a superhero for the ages, and her legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.



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